“Thank you for a brilliant afternoon. Very interesting and entertaining. I hope to come again and my daughter loved it totally. I recommended all my friends to come next time.”

"I go on these 'walks' and consider them a real bargain. The walks are expertly guided. I have been to many places I would not have found on my own. Monica is also a highly experienced photographer who is also able to offer advice." 

"I had an awesome time. Loved the beautiful views and the neat little spots we *never* would have found ourselves.  Thanks!" 

"Thanks for a lovely day out yesterday, Monica. I am very pleased with all my photos - I took over 100 and surprisingly almost 100% are good and don't need photo shop!! Getting lots of positive feedback from the ones I posted on FB last night. You know some great spots. The Bazaar I've never seen before. I would like to do another walk somewhere else so hopefully there will be some that work with my schedule." 

"I have just returned from my first walking tour with Monica Fritz.  Having lived here for over a year, I was excited to discover new & exciting places & views I hadn't been able to find on my own.  Her style is relaxed and "go with the flow," and yet I learned a lot from her.  Definitely one of my favourite days.  I recommend you spend some time with her!"  
Shannon Vogelaar

"Every walk I have done with Monica has felt like a relaxed day out with friends, made exciting by new discoveries. Her enthusiasm for Istanbul and its people, and photography, make her a natural guide. I love following her through alleyways and doorways I have barely noticed to emerge into a jaw-dropping vista, or a tucked-away gem.The most recent walk I did with Monica took place on a day of heavy rain. Not to be phased, she worked out how we could all stay warm and smiling, and still get wonderful photo opportunities.We walked the back streets of Galata, past interesting buildings and graffiti, to the Ashkenazi Synagogue on Yüksek Kaldırım Cd. Monica understands the pleasure of standing still in a new place to watch for the light and lines that will make a picture, and I never feel that I am being rushed along. From there we walked an interesting route through the markets of Karaköy to the Golden Horn. We all enjoyed the reflections and deep colours of the rainy day, and the unusual sight of the empty streets during Bayram. Lunch, in a hidden gem of a restaurant, was a great chance to chat to everybody. The walks attract lovely people! Next we walked to the old Greek School on Kemeraltı Cd. It was being used as a venue for the 13th Istanbul Biennial and so it was a great opportunity to see inside and photograph both the building and the art. It's great to have someone else do the organising and just relax and enjoy the less obvious treasures of this incredible city."
Julia Cooke

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